Responsible Innovation

for the society betterness

About the programme

Over the last decades, many efforts have tried to reduce the distance between science and society, leading to a European-wide approach in Horizon 2020 called Responsible Innovation.

RI seeks to bring issues related to innovation into the open, anticipate their consequences, and involve society in discussing how science and technology can help create the kind of world and society we want for generations to come.

RI entails engaging all actors (from individual innovators to institutions and governments) through inclusive, participatory methodologies in all R&I processes and at all levels of R&I governance (from agenda-setting to design, implementation, and evaluation).

Internet Institut Wien is actively engaged and also vigorously promoting RRI. From targeted raising awareness campaigns through tangible innovation activities or joint projects. RI is one of our strategic determination factors, and we are open to partnership and active collaboration in this field.

Future is Open

This means opening up the innovation process to people with experience in fields other than academia and science. By including more people in the innovation process, knowledge will circulate more freely. This knowledge can then be used to develop products and services that can create new markets.

Open science

This approach to the scientific process focuses on spreading knowledge as soon as it is available using digital and collaborative technology. This is a change from the standard practice of publishing results in scientific publications only at the end of the research process.

Open to the world

This means promoting international cooperation in the research community. Doing this will allow Europe to access the latest knowledge worldwide, recruit the best talent, tackle global challenges, and create business opportunities in emerging markets.

Research areas

  • Science

    – Design & science
    – Social sciences

  • Technology

    – ICT4D
    – Data Science

  • Innovation

    – Responsible innovation
    – Social innovation

  • Education

    – Future of education
    – Lifelong learning

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