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Internet Institut Wien is made of experts of various profiles and professional experiences. There are no selection rules. A Samurai ready for modern business is the one possessing the necessary skills. Or – a team of such individuals. Therefore, we brought together engineers, designers, political scientists, philosophers and economists. This is what modern economy requires – a dynamic team with abilities to successfully implement given projects.

We are different because we believe that looking at a challenge from numerous viewpoints provides the best possible solution. We are tied neither by the four walls, nor by “from-9-to-5”, but we are committed to professionalism, innovativeness and diversity.

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Director of Fundraising | EMEA
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Social Media Samurai
Volunteer position

Volunteer position

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If you haven’t found yourself in the above-listed positions, but you would still like to join the Institute – Do not lose hope! Go through the application process (as listed in the right-hand column on each position page) and indicate in your motivation letter where you see yourself within Internet Institut Wien. If we should both find it intriguing enough, we will make the effort to create a space for your idea. We love new things and we are ready for challenges 24/7. So, go ahead and challenge us!