Special Programmes Delivery

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Our approach

As a non-profit organisation, Internet Institut Wien was involved in implementing Special Programmes designed and intended to provide a systematic response to targeted sectors’ strategic needs. Our experience in unison with proven know-how comprises a new offering for our clients and partners – delivery of Special Programmes.

Such service is intended for clients with specific requirements that differ from their usual programmes or business or without specific implementation resources. Our team will create a needs assessment of your requirements and provide you with the strategy and action plan for successfully implementing your programme.

Focus areas

The following areas are the primary focus of the Special Programmes delivery team:

  • Strategic multi-sector government programmes and initiatives
  • International development programmes
  • Company programmes that are outside of the main business scope
  • Innovation and growth programmes for organisations and companies
  • Programmes in non-profit or charity domain
  • Programmes of joint strategic collaboration
  • Academic and university relations programmes and initiatives
  • Market positioning programmes
  • Other programmes with a specific target or roadmap

Implementation framework

  • Needs assessment

    – Contextual analysis
    – Risk assessment

  • Planning & strategy

    – Strategic plan
    – Action Plan

  • Implementation

    – Implementation activities
    – Programme monitoring

  • Impact assessment

    – Impact analysis
    – Adjustment measures

Internet Institut Wien Special Programmes

Academic Programme
NGO Aviator
Digital Government

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