Strategic Events

experience in creating successful impact

360 degrees coverage

Event marketing is one of the most effective strategy and leading marketing channels for raising your brand awareness. Internet Institut Wien brings the term strategic into the formula. We have extensive experience in making events strategic in many industries, from corporate, government, academic or non-profit.

In organisation of events we ensure 360 degrees coverage through careful and precise planning, efficient and effective implementation and meticulous review and assessment. We are committed to delivery of end-to-end service in creation of your Strategic Events making sure every single step is mindfully planned and coordinated with our client.

Our Strategic Events portfolio consists of international summits, product launch, special university lectures and corporate education sessions. No matter how complex your need may be, we will make sure that the event impact is impressive.

Our approach

Idea minting
Creating a unique original idea for your Strategic Event, and selecting the target audience and desired business or learning impact.

Presentation and visual identity
Design and all the deliverables of the event will match the theme of the event.

Strategic positioning
Where are you right now, and where do you want to be as an outcome of this event?

Event management
End-to-end service including managing all the business and learning objectives of the event, and also the logistics including the venue, agenda, participants and the follow up.

Event impact assessment and follow up plan
How successful was the event? What actions are coming out of it?

What we do

  • Planning

    – Idea minting
    – Presentation
    – Strategic positioning

  • Organisation

    – Event management
    – Visual identity
    – Digital coverage

  • Review

    – Impact assessment
    – Follow-up activities
    – Media monitoring

More information

For more information about our activities and how we can collaborate please contact us.