Framing Ideas and Issues

for substantial impact

Think tank activities

Internet Institut Wien is Austria based Think tank. We are non-profit, research, innovation and educational organisation with the explicit goal of affecting STI (science, technology, innovation) sector policies. We seek to reduce the role of government and increase the role of private and other sector organisations in research areas.

We are also “free-market” Think tank interested in affecting public policy climates in promising development sectors. Huge differentiation from other Think tanks is that Internet Institut Wien has its own in-house implementation capacities and know how essential for carrying out complex project or programme, both our own or from our clients.

Our approach

Working on development, where everything seems to be “important,” the potential areas of new research are nearly limitless. The optimal size for a think tank, of course, depends on the organisation’s mission and business model. Our size is a deliberate balance of two objectives.

We believe we need to be large enough to have a critical mass of senior in-house staff members to cover the breadth of issues and to enable organic interactions (via our visibility and outreach activities) that generate new ideas.

At the same time, we want to stay small enough to maintain a family-like culture where everyone knows everyone else, our fundraising and administrative burdens can be kept light.

What we do

  • Framing ideas and issues

    – Facilitate multi-sector dialog
    – Identify potential issues
    – Minting new ideas

  • Providing policy alternatives

    – Multi sector analysis
    – Policy research
    – Visibility & Outreach

  • Implementation

    – Stakeholder dialogue
    – Enable programmes’ prerequisites
    – Implementation of programmes

More information

For more information about our activities and how we can collaborate please contact us.