More than 40% of organizations do not understand the value of project management.
Let us get you out of this club.

Our team

We are a sophisticated project-based organisation with extensive hands-on experience in Program and Project Management adopted through project delivery on a global scale. We provide our clients and partners with project services in various sectors (private, public, and nonprofit) and across different industries. Our services are also available through the PMaaS model.

Professional expertise

More than 20+ years of Project Management experience and know-how is a solid base we built our team on. During our professional journey, we shaped our skills and capacities to achieve and practice Project Management excellence. Our certified project team can lead and manage your project of any size or complexity with total dedication and by following the highest professional standards.

Value proposition

When offering our Project and Program Management services, we pay meticulous attention to the client’s requirements and project context. Such an approach allows us to achieve total customer satisfaction while avoiding a cookie-cutter approach. We treat every client differently, carefully respecting his valuable input and adapting to the specifics of the company’s culture and way of work.

Our services framework

Project management

  • Project Management
  • Digital Projects Management
  • Programme Management
  • Risk Management
  • Quality Management

PMO services

  • PMO establishment
  • SPMO establishment
  • EPMO establishment
  • PMOaaS offering
  • Programme/Portfolio Management Office

Project support

  • PMaaS
  • Time shared PM service
  • Project administration
  • Project hiring
  • Project procurement

Digital agencies

Creative and digital agencies today have specific dynamic setups juggling many projects in parallel and finalizing many different activities simultaneously. Some Project Managers may find such an environment too chaotic and hard to manage. But not us! We love to deal with productive chaos and artistic people with their endless creative energy leading to incredible visual results. If you are a creative agency, we will be happy to bring some Project Management structure into your creative processes. Our PMs are familiar with all aspects of your business and ready to jump in, so ping us anytime.


No project is left behind

In addition to Project Management services, our team specializes in recovering troubled projects. When it comes to project consolidation and recovery or crisis communication, those are the situations in which we are exceptionally efficient. We are also highly dedicated and organized in taking the appropriate steps and measures for preventing or controlling the potential damage (professional or political) caused by a troubled project. Thus, in the case of any project deviation indicators, get in touch with us soon enough, and we will be more than happy to get your project back on track.

Giving back

For non-profit organisations, we have a default 50% discount in place as a minimum. We may also engage pro bono in public good and charity projects.
Please send your request with a project summary to our PM team: .

We know that behind every project is an idea. Some organizations want to be more efficient, while others try to increase margins or drive innovation. Organizations use projects to achieve their objectives regardless of the benefits they seek. Project Managers in those organizations are turning ideas into reality.

Mark A. Langley
Ex PMI President and CEO

Did you know

  • 70% of projects fail.
  • 68% of projects don’t have an effective project sponsor.
  • Only 22% of organizations use PM software.
  • Projects are 2.5 times more successful when PM practices are implemented.
  • 44% of high-performing organizations use predictive approaches.
  • A lack of clear goals is the most common factor (37%) for project failure.
  • 44% of projects fail due to a lack of alignment between business and project objectives.

Our tools

Everyday work of our Project Management team is powered by some of the most powerful digital tools on the market. We drive our Institute program portfolio on Monday, as same as digital projects of our agency clients. As proven zealots of Kanban, we often use Trello/Jira team and enjoy their neat features and powerful performance. But in general, we are flexible in tool choice and quickly adapt to our client’s requirements if needed.


Our clients

World Bank Group