Academic Programme

Building innovation and technical capacities of universities

University of the Future

Internet Institut Wien Academic Programme is an international framework programme for building the capacities of academic institutions and education professionals. The strategic focus of AP is on RTI (research, technology, and innovation) areas, but not limited.

Implementation of the programme is done through the three activity pillars: raising awareness, professional networking, and knowledge/technology transfer. IIW Academic Programme is open to all academic institutions and education professionals worldwide who actively promote values like ethics, academic excellence, and high professional standards.

Academic Programme

As a non-profit Think Tank, Internet Institut Wien also vigorously promotes networking and collaboration of non-profit organisations with academic institutions through our Academic Programme. The such partnership aims to create new preconditions for cooperation on various research and innovation topics and issues of high importance to the academic world.

AP Framework

  • Awareness raising

    – Resources overview
    – Opportunities recognition

  • Professional networking

    – Relationship management
    – Collaboration networks

  • Knowledge transfer

    – Curriculum implementation
    – Access to resources
    – Special programs

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Programme objectives

  • Increase visibility and global presence for members
  • Improving and building institutional and personal capacities in technology and innovation
  • Enablement and support of large-scale research projects
  • Networking and collaboration with renowned international organisations and institutions
  • Promotion of research ethics and academic excellence
  • Create opportunities for mobility and exchange of academic staff
  • Knowledge transfer and best practice sharing

Membership benefits

  • Participation in the international community of like-minded professionals
  • Access to information and knowledge repositories related to research and higher education
  • Access to special Capacity Building Modules (CBMs)
  • Technology transfer opportunities
  • Networking with other member organisations and developing new ideas and trends
  • Create or search for partnership opportunities on an international level with universities, research institutes, Think tanks, and other organisations interested in RTI

Programme platform

  • Connect people who might not otherwise have the opportunity to interact, either as frequently or at all
  • Enable contacts and dialogues between people to explore new possibilities, solve challenging problems, and create new, mutually beneficial opportunities
  • Stimulate teaching and learning by serving as a vehicle for direct communication, mentoring, coaching, and self-reflection
  • Introduce collaborative programmes to groups and organisations as well as between organisations to encourage the free flow of ideas and exchange of information
  • Organise academics around actions that deliver tangible results

Capacity Building Modules

Research & Innovation

Technology & Knowledge

Content Academy

International Relations

Connect Europe


Strategy & Branding

Visibility & Outreach

Project Management

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Membership types

Associate Member

Platinum Member

VIP Member

How to join

Please contact us or open a ticket to join our Academic Programme. After reviewing your request, someone from our office will contact you with the details and further steps in the next few days, so please provide us with your name and coordinates.

Interested companies

Private companies, corporations, or other organisations with their academic or university programmes interested in collaborating with our Academic Programme, please contact us directly with your collaboration proposal.

Who is it for

Academic institutions
  • Universities
  • Faculties
  • Academies
  • Colleges and schools
Academic staff
  • Professors
  • Docents
  • Assistants
  • Teachers
  • Think tanks
  • Research organisations
  • Institutes and centres
  • Non-profit edu institutions
Edu professionals
  • Professional educators
  • Trainers and lecturers
  • Education consultants
  • Civil servants

Application for Academic Programme membership

If you are interested in joining our Academic Programme or have a question about it,
please get in touch with our Academic Programme team.