International Relations

Our global activities

Our IR mission

The mission of our International Relations division is to make the world a better place. We actively contribute to such mission by establishing intercultural dialogs and policy research activities around strategic topics and issues. Our activities also include collaboration with global stakeholders and key international organisations in International Relations and development.

We also connect people, organisations, governments and non-profits interested in global matters and public goods from all over the world. We are fully open for close collaboration with global institutes, think-tanks and universities whose mission or action plan fits into he International Relations framework of topics and global issues.

Our services

Our International Relations division is staying on disposal to your organisation for all global services in the following areas:

  • Support and implementation assistance for strategic initiatives and global public goods programmes
  • Implementation and coordination of global policy research programmes
  • International development and regional cooperation activities
  • Public affairs and communications
  • Regional presence and representation for business and non-profit organisations
  • Economic cooperation, business networking and matchmaking activities

Our Regional Hubs

  • Europe / Vienna

    – International development
    – Economic cooperation

  • Europe / Brussels

    – EU Public Affairs
    – Economic cooperation

  • Middle East / Manama

    – GCC Public Affairs
    – Economic cooperation

  • South-eastern Europe / Zagreb

    – Regional development programmes
    – Economic cooperation

Our IR research topics

European  Union Рthe 51st U.S. state

The role of Science and Education in global development

Interstellar relations and diplomacy

Potential influence and power of spiritual alliances