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About the programme

LEGOLAB is our cutting-edge innovation environment for hosting creation processes of any kind or solving demanding problems. It can be applied to any organisation or industry with a substantial need for a change or transformation. LEGOLAB can drive your NGO strategy development and create new branding strategies for SMEs or complex product prototyping in large corporations. We envisioned LEGOLAB as a serious playground platform that will ignite your internal creative spark and provide you with the necessary tools for:

  • Boost your innovation processes,
  • Keep your team productive,
  • Mapping your mental image into the actual 3D model.

Branding simulator

Due to complexity of branding process itself, we developed our own methodology and process map for branding your product or organisation inside our LEGOLAB environment. We also encourage our clients to participate as active part of the branding process and collaborate with our team closely during all project stages. In this way, we make sure that all key ingredients are included into your new brand strategy.

LEGOLAB is our unique innovation programme for emerging your creativity with a solid focus on tangible results. The Stargate to yourself will establish a substantial connection with your inner child. Once such a relationship is formed, only the sky is the limit.

LEGOLAB Framework

  • Innovation management

    – Pilot programs
    – Prototyping (products or services)
    – NGO capacity building program

  • Communication

    – Communication strategy
    – Team communication
    – NGO communication modeling

  • Problem solving

    – Organisational strategy
    – Risk management
    – Problem solving incubator

  • Branding

    – Organizational culture
    – Rebranding simulator
    – NGO branding

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