Analytics and Assessments

For decisions based on facts and figures

Our approach

Internet Institut Wien anchor its research endeavours on strong analytical and assessment components. In order to be able to successfully transform data into the knowledge, our team designed our own in-house methodologies and frameworks. This enables successful delivery of top-notch research results based on strong and powerful analytics.

Our analysis is also based on technology as we use Data Science & Big Data Analytics technical solutions for our analytical work. Such approach enables us to generate comprehensive substantial reports within short time frame. Our analytical work helps us to make better decisions or strategies with facts and figures based on quality analytical work.


In research field, no matter how data or information could be important, lousy presentation could just ruin all hard work. In our 17 years of experience we mastered visualisations and presentation of important data, facts and figures, project results or corporate reports.

Our [email protected] team can support your organisation with well designed, visually appealing multimedia presentations. We can design and organise digital printing on paper, complex infographics, presentation in Keynote or PowerPoint or high-visual multimedia online product for website, intranet or digital media such as DVD or Blu-ray. Or any kind of peculiar need you have in your business.


  • Analytics

    – Geo-strategic analysis
    – Sectoral or industry analysis
    – Media and social media analysis

  • Assessment

    – Feasibility studies
    – Strategic assessments
    – Programmes/projects evaluations

  • Technical capacities

    – Data Science & Big Data Analytics
    – Visualisation and presentation

More information

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