Marketing and Public Affairs

ensuring successful delivery of your message

Scope of services

Internet Institut Wien MPA team’s role is to shape and deliver key institutional messages to the specific target groups or broad public. Scope of activities also covers market analysis, development of marketing, and public affairs strategies for our clients and partners. We provide such services to companies, governments, NGOs, and international programmes and development initiatives. Our team can take over strategic communication and high-level relationship management with key institutions, stakeholders, or donors relevant to your organisation or business.

We also provide exceptional services to our clients, including designing and managing public campaigns, from product promotion and charity programmes to your community engagement. With our end-to-end coverage, your campaign will be remembered for good.

EU projects marketing

We specialise in marketing and outreach of EU-funded projects and initiatives. Our team will provide professional-level back-office support and services toolkit customised to meet your project needs. Our EU project toolkit includes the following services:

  • Design and branding of your project
  • Promotion and visibility of your project
  • Digital and social media campaigns
  • Outreach to your target groups
  • Dissemination of project results
  • Project domain, website, and email hosting
  • Team collaboration platform
  • Technical expertise and consultancy

Such service will ensure smooth operations for your project addressing potential bottlenecks and technical issues most EU-funded projects face.

What we do

  • Special focus

    – Strategic communication
    – Relationship management
    – Public campaigns

  • Marketing

    – Market analysis
    – Marketing Strategy
    – Marketing Action plan
    – Marketing of EU funded projects

  • Non-profits

    – Building marketing capacities
    – Fundraising strategy
    – Donors relationship
    – Sponsors communication

More information

For more information about our activities and how we can collaborate please contact us.