Capacity Building

dedicated to your growth

About the programme

Our program is mainly focused on growth opportunities provided through European funding, securing that the most critical obstacles to a higher level of participation are overcome:

  • Lack of expertise or knowledge in explicit form, including lack of readily available clear understanding of the local language, lack of documentation, or insufficient documentation, as well as difficulty in finding peers in relevant areas to help when a problem arises that needs to be solved. It also means a lack of systematic handling of knowledge, where handling means gathering, evaluating, structuring, and disseminating knowledge shared among peers and across projects.
  • Reluctance to participate by being intimidated by the bureaucratic processes involved in proposal preparation and project reporting. Even though the experience is often lacking, most NGOs or SMEs cannot afford to learn only from their own mistakes.
  • Need for the change in business culture – currently, the prevalent business culture is one of exclusion, preventing NGOs or SMEs from realising the benefits of collaboration within an international consortium of partners.

Our approach

Although we use many consulting frameworks and methodologies, we don’t perceive ourselves as typical consultants. Because consultants position themselves as external entity related to your organisation, they come, analyse, provide you with an intelligent paper, and – leave. We set ourselves differently – we stay. During our engagement, we become your internal asset. After we define the scope of work, we shake our sleeves and jump into the trench, helping you implement your projects or programmes.


Our capacity-building and knowledge transfer activities involve targeted training and consulting services that:

  • Guide how to develop ideas into successful project proposals that will receive funding;
  • Prevent contracts from being lost during negotiations or implementation due to inexperience in project financial and legal management.
  • Facilitate inclusion in an international environment of collaborative projects.
  • Strengthen general project development, planning, implementation, and monitoring skills.


  • Consulting

    – Strategic positioning
    – Innovation management
    – EU funding

  • Education

    – Executive education
    – EU workshops
    – Technical trainings

  • Visibility & Outreach

    – Brand strategy
    – Online presence
    – Digital strategy

  • Non-profit

    – Non-profit idea minting
    – Building your organisation
    – Operational success

More information

For more information about our activities and how we can collaborate please contact us.