Creative Services

make your organisation or project visually appealing

Branding and identity

Our creative&digital team use creative design solutions to enhance brand communication for our clients and in our projects and activities. We will create mind-boggling Brand strategy for your company, product or programme followed by thorough implementation process. By taking care that all brand materials and outputs bear the same, unique aesthetic mark, we ensure unified and recognizable visual message and identity of your brand.

In addition to brand management or designing the appearance, we also cover the production side – including text and copy editing, preparation of textual material, printing, multimedia, digital services. We will also take care of every step in the creation process to ensure the highest quality of the final product applying all professional digital production standards.

Our approach

All our design solutions are carefully thought through and tested to ensure that they:

  • Are aesthetically pleasing and attractive to people of various backgrounds and interests,
  • Ensure that the project’s overall message or aim is conveyed across to the viewer without being too literal,
  • Stimulate viewers’ interest in the project/company/activity.
creative&digital team | Creative Services

What we do

  • Visual identity

    – Logo design
    – Organisation visual language
    – Graphics Standards Manual

  • Brand

    – Brand strategy & positioning
    – Branding manual
    – Branding of NGOs

  • Printing and publishing

    – Collaterals
    – Digital printing
    – Production of special items

More information

For more information about our activities and how we can collaborate please contact us.