Digital Government Lab

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About the programme

Digital government lab programme was created as our response to the challenges that government institutions are facing in implementing e-government solutions in the public sector nowadays. Lack of staff capacities, shortage of skills, inadequate technical capacities – these are just some of the issues our Lab operations are addressing.

Our Digital Government Lab is flexible, highly customized environment for prototyping specific digital solutions intended for the public sector. Our involvement implies instant deployment of our cloud-based infrastructure, followed by tailor-made development and testing methodologies we use. The prerequisite of the success of our programme is its backbone – our highly skilled team with substantial experience in dozens of enterprise government projects worldwide.

Digital Government Lab

Lab specifics

Our Digital Government Lab is designed to provide necessary customizable environment for prototyping and development and testing early proof-of-concept solutions. Within our capacities, we can also offer:

  • Vendor independent environment
  • End-to-end project implementation
  • Integration with previous generation or outdated technologies
  • Simulation and long-term impact analysis of large-scale projects


  • Design

    – High-level solution architecture
    – System integration approach

  • Research & Innovation

    – Rapid prototyping
    – Proof-of-concept solutions

  • Delivery

    – End-to-end project implementation
    – High level of customization

  • Technology

    – Vendor independent environment
    – Cloud based infrastructure

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