Innovation Management

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Your innovation partner

Internet Institut Wien is an idea factory. We are particularly dedicated to the creation process and applicability of its results. In any of our engagement – from corporate strategic projects to non-profit or charity programmes – we create harmony of mindsets with our clients, as innovation origin. Such lining, in combination with our holistic approach, leaves space for total innovation freedom needed for outstanding results.

Our innovation activities are distributed on several different levels, depending on receptive capacities of the target group. We can start with innovation raising awareness programmes, continue with implementation of full blown innovation lab, all the way to complex innovation management frameworks.

Any given station you decide to enter the innovation subway from, for us is good enough. We will provide you with the smooth and easy ride to the awesome and tangible results.

Our approach

“Innovation management is the discipline of managing processes in innovation.”
– Wikipedia IM definition –

This is not Internet Institute Wien definition of Innovation management. We don’t discipline our ideas, they are born in a struggle. Words like heated discussion, brainstorming and controlled chaos come to mind. We don’t manage or control the process, we create enough space for any born idea, taking into consideration many contexts, versions or aspects.

And we are eager to go antidisciplinary – balancing on the thin line between logic and anti-logic, as we learned from our friends and colleagues from MIT MediaLab. We’ll just search any nook and cranny for that finest, perfect, last touch. And therefore our ideas, on the end, have wow effect.

To the Internet Institute team this is a very comfortable trade-off.

What we do

  • Idea minting

    – Innovation awareness programme
    – Design thinking workshop
    – Disruptive innovation workshop

  • Innovation programmes

    – Innovation Lab programme
    – Collaborative innovation
    – Open innovation for NGOs

  • Technology and innovation

    – Idea management framework
    – Innovation management solution
    – Specific customized solutions

  • EU focused Innovation

    – EU capacity building programme
    – EU grants and funding
    – EU relationship management

More information

For more information about our activities and how we can collaborate please contact us.