There is no spoon

and we know it!

Different approach

One common thought prevailed during the first meeting of Internet Institute founders. It was the feeling that the existing rules and dogmas were outdated and no longer functional. This thought is still very much present within our team today as 15 years ago. And this is the main driving force behind our decision to take a different approach: an anti-disciplinary approach.

The idea of the Institute follows in the footsteps of two organisations that have marked their time in history. The first one is the Bauhaus in Dessau – the German art school from the beginning of the last century (operated from 1919 to 1933). The second is the interdisciplinary research laboratory MIT Media Lab, the most creative department MIT founded in 1985. The ideas behind these two organisations guide and inspire us every day.

State of Mind

Internet Institut Wien was and remains a gathering place for all the creative people, lumens, givers, changers, and those that are different. All those for whom the existing ideas and solutions are insufficient. All those who could not find their place under the sun. Those who cannot name any current institution or organisation as “theirs.”

Sometimes people ask us: “This institute of yours – what is it, in fact?” And there is only one answer that adequately describes it: Internet Institut Wien is a state of mind.

It is an organisation that does not restrict or limit its members in their work. Even more to the point – the whole team will be pushing your ideas and looking forward to their implementation together with you. This is a team that knows that there is no spoon.

Take a blue pill

Take a blue pill!


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