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Innovation Infinity

Internet Institut Wien is an Austrian-based Think Tank with a mission to establish top-notch social innovation hub for individuals and institutions focused on building better society through science and technology.


We want to change the way in which the governments, companies and organizations operate, through design and implementation of advanced capacity-building programs to facilitate their roadmap to success. Our intervention aims at consolidation of strategic operations on one side, and creation of notably agile and effective project-based teams to conduct daily operations.


We are involved in social responsibility programs and development projects for the betterment of the society, with a particular focus on the Danube region. Our trademark is a rare combination of research think-tank platform, based on innovative anti-discipline mindset followed by the globally experienced in-house project implementation teams.


Our creative&digital team renders this World a better place by ennobling your vital projects or initiatives. We will articulate your cause, create fabulous branding to support your vision, reach out to your target audiences or organize astounding public events. Meanwhile, your team is further supported by additional resources and focused on the project success.

Save Pandas

Our expertise

Research & Innovation

Visibility & Outreach

Strategic services

Framing ideas and issues

Feasible ideas based on facts and figures for creating the genuine impact.

International relations

Expand your global presence through international development.

Marketing of
EU projects

We provide special toolset for successful marketing of EU funded projects.

Brand and
digital strategy

Bestow professional look’n’feel upon your projects and sense the difference.

Innovation management

Programmes that will bring the creativity essence to the surface.

Rescuing troubled projects

Let us take care about your troubled project and get it back to the track.

creative&digital team | Creative Services


Our creative&digital team capacities and project experience are now available to our partners and clients. Advance your project visibility and outreach to the next level by creating relevant brand and communication strategy. With such competitive advantage your roadmap to successful project closing is guaranteed.

Internet Institut Wien special programmes

Academic Programme
NGO Aviator
Digital Government

Our partners